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  • About Us

    MELROSE provides early childhood education from age two to school age. We've been part of our Devonport community for over 20 years, located in a beautiful old villa. Partnerships with families like yours provide Melrose children with their best possible start. Enrolment is currently open.

    ALL IN A DAY We start our Melrose mornings by sharing, showing, and telling, each child offering their news and stories, big and small. Sharing their own news and discoveries helps children socialize and get to know one another. Thinking up a topic over breakfast or on the way to Melrose can include the whole family.

    The bulk of our day is activity-based: Trampoline! Slide! Letter of the day! Story time! Art time - all activity is layered with integrated learning about… everything: bugs, planets, environment, fire safety, water safety, music, weather, animals, sea creatures, cultures, holidays, 123s, and more. A Big Day might include a field trip: to the theatre, fire station, a park, the library, or a nature outing.

    Our programme planning is ever-changing - an outline of the current focus and activities is located on the board in the mat-time room. Please read this regularly to give you an idea of what your treasures are learning during their days. Knowing their accomplishments and new skills helps keep you abreast of your child's progress.

    PLAYING HARD, exploring, and creating awesome art can be messy. Dress your child accordingly. Please provide a kit of spare, labeled clothing in a plastic bag. Little lives are so exciting there are sometimes toileting mishaps!  

    FOOD & SNACKS You are required to supply your child's lunch. Please make sure lunches are nutritious as we are required by the Ministry of Health to oversee this. Home lunchbox prep is a great way of introducing your child to the concepts of nutrition. Lunch is a social event where your children are interacting, so please, please leave nuts, peanut-butter, and cooked eggs out of the lunch box, as we have children with severe allergies. By necessity Melrose is a nut and egg free zone. All lunch containers and drink bottles must be labeled with your child's name. 

    WHO'S WHO We call it The Whanau Wall, and it's covered with labeled photos of the children, making it easy for parents to put names to faces and for children to learn the letters of their names. Please provide photos of your child as well as the occasional 'special snap' to celebrate your family's big events.

    COMING & GOING We are open all year, closing for two weeks over Christmas. We have two time slots 8am - 4.30pm or 8.30am - 2.30pm and a few sessions available.  Once staff has had time to prep, our doors open. Our punctuality provides an opportunity to observe time-keeping for the entire family.  

    Dropping off and picking up is by the book: sign your child in every morning and every afternoon sign your child out - for your peace of mind and ours, as well as for recording attendance to meet government regulations.

    SAVING FACE Please apply sunblock to your child before school. After morning tea they are blocked again, but sun hats are required daily - without one your child is stuck inside while others are romping in fresh air, wearing themselves out.

    STUFF Please label everything. Bold labeling helps young learners with the spelling of their name. There is a property box where much of the 'vanished' can be found, so check it regularly.

    GOING HOME At end-of-day mat times, children understandably get excited on your arrival, making it harder for teachers to teach and children to concentrate. Children are encouraged to stay on the mat until excused by staff. 

    HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT Refusing a sick child is a necessary policy at Melrose. Please respect the other children and families by reducing the spread of bugs. If your child has vomited they may not attend Melrose in the 24 hours following.

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