Call us: 09 445 2980

  • Enrolment

    Yes, we have immediate openings! Call Jacquie on 09 445 2980 or email to arrange visit to Melrose and observe. The best time to visit is between the hours of 09.00am - 2.00pm. There are spaces immediately available from children age 2 to 5. We have also opened up morning or afternoon sessions; 8am - 12noon or 1.00-4.30pm. Call today to secure these spots before its too late.

    If you require more permanent days for your child, please let staff know well in advance. There is usually a waiting list, on which current Melrose children get priority. In turn, if you are looking to drop a day, we require at least 2 weeks written notice. A form will be provided. Once committed to a new day, you are required to give 2 weeks notice in writing if you change your mind. 

    As part of their transition to school, once your child is 4 they will receive a homework book; this is purely a fun exercise and one that extends their Melrose learning. This is your opportunity to spend one on one time with your child, getting to understand their abilities and interests. Homework activity isn't to be pressured, but something they will look forward to and enjoy. Once completed, please return the book and new work will be added.

    When your child begins at Melrose they will be given a "memory book" these books live at Melrose and document significant experiences and fun times that staff have captured and added. These will be given to your child on their last day at Melrose. Please feel free to browse through your child's books and if you would like, add your own snippets and insights to their brilliant but fleeting Melrose years.