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  • Water Play

    23 May at 19:18 from atlas


  • Climbing Trees

    23 May at 19:17 from atlas


  • Warm Playdough

    23 May at 19:16 from atlas

    What could be nicer than new playdough - still warm! 

  • Our Natural Hut

    23 May at 19:15 from atlas

    A hut has been constructed in our garden from the sticks we collected on our nature walk. 

  • Melrose Reserve Walk

    23 May at 19:13 from atlas

    Today we walked to Melrose reserve. We collected long sticks which we dragged back to Melrose. We have a plan. 

  • So Clean and Shiny

    23 May at 19:12 from atlas

    Theses family corner plates and food have never been so clean and shiny. These children are learning to be excellent dish washers! 

  • Play when it is Purposeful

    23 May at 19:10 from atlas

    Washing day at Melrose. Play is satisfying when it is purposeful. ...

  • Piklets

    23 May at 19:08 from atlas

    A sunny morning. What fun we have had already - yummy pikelets have been made - and eaten! 

  • Rain Day

    23 May at 19:07 from atlas

    We've been in and out with the rain today. ...

  • Labyrinth/Maze

    23 May at 19:05 from atlas

    We were so excited to find the labyrinth/maze. ...