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  • A BIG DAY: Devonport Fire Station

    22 May at 13:49 from atlas

    We had such a stunning morning for our fire station visit. We left Melrose at 9:45am and walked down to the fire station. We were greeted by Fireman John on arrival. He told us a few rules and then led us outside to where Fireman Morgan had the fire truck. He showed us all the hoses and bits and bobs that are on the fire truck. Then Fireman Connor showed us how they put on protective clothing for when they fight fires.

    Max's dad volunteered to put the fireman's suit on, he told us it was very hot and the helmet was very heavy. After that Fireman John got the BIG hose out. All the children helped to bring it out, it was like a huge snake! Then it was time for the children to have a turn in putting the hose on and off. FUN!!!!!

    Once the children had a turn at spraying the hose they went through the big fire truck. Even a few parents and teachers had a turn spaying the hose.

    After that we could ask questions. Hazel asked if the men slept at the fire station. Fireman John very kindly told us that yes, they actually do sleep at the station and we got to see their bedrooms and hang out in their kitchen! When we left, Fireman Connor gave us all balloons and stickers. We sure had a fabulous visit to the Devonport Fire Station.

    For art today we made a thank you card for Firemen John, Morgan, Connor, and Clive.