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  • Hands ON! Baking Bread

    30 May at 11:22 from atlas

    Today we made bread at Melrose. The children were amazed that we only needed four ingredients to make a French loaf: flour, salt, yeast and water! The children stood around while the ingredients were added to the machine in the correct order. Then it was time to find a safe place to put the bread maker, the correct setting was selected and then on went the power and the bread maker started to mix all the ingredients together. We noticed that it would take 3 hours and 30 minutes to cook the bread, just as well we put it on early in the morning so we could have some at lunch time.

    We placed the bread maker on the floor for a while so we could see the ingredients mix up to the dough, after about three hours Melrose was smelling amazing! When the bread was finally done we got it out the machine and cut it up and served with margarine, vegemite or honey. The children commented that the bread was "soft and yummy in the middle" The crust was "crunchy" So the end results were the bread was "yummy and delicious" The children all agreed it was worth waiting for.