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  • "Happy Feet"

    29 March at 16:21 from atlas

    December: The children throughly enjoyed the whole process of their performance "Happy Feet".  They listened to the story and we discussed the theme and the different scenes they would be doing.  Many of the children knew about "Mumble" the little penguin and his story.  Lots of fun was had making the props, (the hearts for the penguin heart song, the egg shells that they would break out of, and the surf boards for the Amigo penguins) and also practising and learning penguin dance moves.  During the process of learning this dramatic play, the teachers looked at ways in how best to extend children's thinking and gaining new skills as they learnt to perform in front of their peers and families.  We also did lots of art based activities around penguins.  During the rehearsals they gained confidence and on the day they did an amazing performance.