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  • "Shapes, shapes, shapes..."

    29 March at 18:00 from atlas

    December: We have followed the children's interest in shapes and as shapes form a big part of the world around us we have built some activities and art to build on their prior knowledge and to extend their learning to introduce some new shapes.  They love getting the shapes out of the bag and comparing these and we have introduced some new ones such as crescent, oval, and octagon.  In one art activity we asked the children "What shape can you draw?".  They drew an amazing array of shapes on their paper in pastel and then water coloured over these to bring out the pattern.  

    In another art activity the children gained their inspiration from the artist Kandinsky.  We talked about how he uses shapes in his art, and here the children used circles and learnt about patterning and recognising the different sizes.  They glued their circles on in descending order of sizes and the older children had fun working out how to cut these out.