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  • Waffle Making At Melrose

    20 June at 09:33 from atlas

    What a fun filled morning was had at Melrose today, Sandy brought in the penguin waffle maker and we made some yummy tasty waffles. The children learnt that we have the Germans to thank for waffles

    Basic maths was learnt as we measured out all the ingredients, of course we had to follow the recipe to know what to do. The children loved holding the egg beater to mix all our ingredients together.

    We counted the waffles as we made them and worked out how many more were needed to be cooked before we were all able to have one each.

    Although we had to wait a few minutes between each waffle the children's attention never seemed to wane. The smells were glorious in the room. Once we had enough waffles for person to have one, we sifted icing sugar over them; the children washed their hands and sat on the mat to munch up the waffles. There were lots of "yummy's" murmured. When asked what the waffles were like we were told they were yummy, warm, soft, delicious and we even had a few, "more please" Sadly there were only enough for each child to have one penguin

    As usual, making waffles at Melrose was a great success