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  • Philosophy

    Children flourish when actively exploring their environment and engaging in meaningful ways with others. Melrose provides programmes that stimulate children's curiosity and interests, challenge and foster skills of problem solving and choice-making. We nurture caring, supportive relationships between peers and with adults. We recognize and respect every child's individuality and value the input of parents and family.

    In accordance with recognized best practice in early childhood education, our teaching team continually assesses and records your child's interests, strengths, dispositions, and challenges, using this information as a scaffold to maximize their learning. Our high level of ECE qualified staff, and teacher-to-child ratio with small groups (a maximum of 18 children) assures every child gets the individual attention they deserve.

    Being all-inclusive assures every child at Melrose belongs. Aware that each family brings unique sets of experience, traditions, and values to the centre, we encourage you to share your  aspirations for your child as we celebrate their cultural heritage. Melrose acknowledges the special place of Maori as tangata whenua.

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